Lesson Management

Teach 'n Go's software has multiple lesson management features that will make you more efficient - making your lessons and classes easier to manage.

Lesson Card

The heartbeat of any school is the classroom and our software helps teachers, students and admins stay on track with their lessons and content with our lesson card. It's cloud-based so teachers can access it online and from their mobile. They can take attendance, issue grades, send messages and upload important class information like content, videos, music and much more.

Students and parents can also log in and enter coursework and see any notes that a teacher might have left them!

Our school management software was built around calibration and this makes it super easy for users to use our software to track course work, progress and keep on track of their education.


CLoud-Based Video Integration

With our video integration, it makes it even easier to run your online business. Our software allows you to host video lessons through Teach 'n Go using all of the latest technology:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams

Create your online semester once and it will map out your web-based video lessons over each class - no more sharing Zoom links with students before each class! Class management made easy!

Take Attendance

Our school software allows you to take your lesson attendance with a few clicks and the record is stored for your reference whenever you need it. Administration time is cut if half as students can log in and see their participation in their course from the mobile app.

We have also created helpful reports that can be generated by staff or teachers - no more counting excel lines or formulas - saving your team from them painful administrative tasks that take up so much time.

Take Attendance

Behaviour System

Our lesson management software has its very own behaviour system. Award gold stars to praise your student's positive behaviour - while you can issue red flags to suggest areas that need working on. All educational institutions are different so we allowed these to be fully customised in our school management software. Schools can edit and update each gold and red flag with an easy click of a button.

Behaviour System

Grading Software

Tracking progress is key for students to measure success within a course. Our simple grading software allows you to easily add grades to a student for each lesson and keep track of results with some simple reports that can be generated on the platform.


Take Notes and Coursework

Teachers can input course content to a class and also take notes during a lesson. We have a student notes section that allows information or course work to be shared with students in real-time. Our software allows videos to be hosted from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion and many more. Use a school management software to showcase your schools advances in technology - your students will love you for it!

Take Notes

Plus lots more useful features...

Edit Lesson

Edit Lesson

We know that a curriculum can change at the drop of a hat. Students can't make a lesson or you need to move it in the calendar. Don't worry, this is where we can help. Our platform allows the teacher or admin to edit lessons when needed. You can easily move a lesson within the software, and we also ask you if we will make the changes to future lessons to save you even more time. Our management system allows you to choose who can, and cant, edit lessons from the platform. Tools like this are vital for management to enable all users to get involved in the school software. You can set who has access to edit the lesson from the user permissions menu.

Copy Lessons

Lesson Actions

Our action tab makes it easy for teachers to access to some key management tools like:

  • Add Students
  • Add Attachments
  • Invite to Student Portsal
  • Group Message
  • Print School Register


Easy access to course content is key for our software and educators can easily upload course material from within a lesson card. Students can access this information online or through our mobile app. Our management solution allows teachers easy access to helpful hosted drives like Dropbox and Google Drive. Upload course work to students at the click of a button.

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